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WebSphere Version 7 Job Manager

Posted by raje2009 (#92) 2535 days ago (Editorial)


 Job manager allows you to submit administrative jobs asynchronously for application servers registered to administrative agents and for deployment managers. 

The basic function of the job manager is to provide a single console to administer multiple base servers, multiple deployment managers, and do asynchronous job submission.

 Job Manager Environment      

The job manager nodes can be deployment managers and stand-alone application server nodes that are managed by administrative agents.

Setting up a job manager environment involves creating a job manager profile and any other profiles that are needed for the environment.

 Administrative Agents

 An administrative agent provides a single interface to administer multiple unfederated application server nodes in environments and can monitor and control multiple application servers on one or more nodes.

 We can register an application server node with the administrative agent or federate the node with a deployment manager, but not both.

 Determine which machines, nodes, and node resources such as servers and applications to be in the flexible management environment.


 The stand-alone application servers must be registered with an administrative agent before you can manage them using a job manager.

 To collectively manage deployment managers and stand-alone application servers on the same or different computers, use a job manager.

 Determine the security roles needed for your flexible management environment.

 Must have security roles that authorize to work with a job manager and to manage registered nodes and resources on those nodes.

 Create a management profile for the job manager.

 Register the stand-alone/deployment managers application server nodes with the administrative agent.

Synchronize the clocks on all involved systems.

 Job Manager Profile Creation 

/app/was7/DeploymentManager/bin # ./ -create -templatePath /app/was7/DeploymentManager/profileTemplates/management -profileName JobManager -profilePath /app/was7/JobMgr01 -serverType JOB_MANAGER

Start the job manager server      

flagdemoapp: /app/was7/JobMgr01/bin #./ "jobmgr"

Login to the JobManager with the default port 9960



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