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Websphere normally holds NDM's cache on wstemp and applicaiton servers cache on temp directory that is created under each application.


wstemp can be cleared on the run but temp directory under the application server cannot be deleted like that because applciation might hold some data inside that folder.


Follow the below mentioned steps inorder to have a clean delete of apps temp and wstemp,


Note: these steps are for full cleanup


1. stop all JVM's

2. stop ODR

3. stop the node

4. stop the deployment manager

5. remoce the wstemp

6. remove the temp directory of the application

7. start the deployment manager

8. start the node

9. start ODR

10. start all JVM's


If you want to delete only one application server's temp directory then

1. stop that JVM

2. remove the temp directory

3. start that JVM


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