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System Dumps generation in AIX

Posted by madeeswer 2516 days ago (Editorial)

System dumps are taken to get a clear picture of systems utilization at that exact moment.

Normally system dumps are taken along with the java heap dump and thread dump for getting a clear picture about the system.


following are the steps to generate system dumps,


1.  Login  as root user

2. generate gencore file

     gencore /tmp/gencore.22_10

This will generate a .Z file

e.g. /tmp/gencore.22_10.Z

3. uncompress the file

uncompress /tmp/gencore.22_10.Z

4. use jextract to zip the file

/java/jre/bin/jextract /tmp/gencore.22_10


Note: Jextract will be there in jre/bin location.



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