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SQL0911N and SQL0913N Error Code

Posted by jyothsnav 2473 days ago (Editorial)


SQL0911N - The current transaction has been rolled back because of a deadlock or timeout. Reason code (reason-code)

SQL0913N - Unsuccessful execution caused by deadlock or timeout. Reason code (reason-code)

The current unit of work was involved in an unresolved contention for use of an object and had to be rolled back.

The reason codes are as follows:

2- The transaction was rolled back due to a deadlock.

68- The transaction was rolled back due to a lock timeout.

72- The transaction was rolled back due to a DB2 Data Links Manager error during the transaction.

73- The transaction was rolled back because a queuing threshold such as the CONCURRENTDBCOORDACTIVITIES threshold caused two or more activities to reach a deadlock state.

The application was rolled back to the previous COMMIT.

80- statement failed due to timeout

Retry the failed statement without terminating the application. If the application accesses multiple remote databases, it may be better to rollback the transaction to avoid the possibility of a global deadlock

For other reason codes, issue a request to rollback the transaction. The transaction cannot be committed due to the failure of the current transaction

To help avoid deadlock or lock timeout, issue frequent COMMIT operations, if possible, for a long-running application, or for an application likely to encounter a deadlock.

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