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Difference between Import and Load utility

Posted by jyothsnav 2460 days ago (Editorial)

The import utility copies data using SQL insert or update operations, as a result each row processed must be checked for constraint compliance and all activities performed is recorded in the databases transaction log files.

Load utility, inserts data into a table by building data pages consisting of several individual rows of data and writing those pages directly to the table space containers the target table uses for data storage. However, because changes made to the target table are not logged, if a database failure occurs, the loaded data cannot be reloaded by performing the rollforward recovery operation.

Import - all constraint checking is performed during processing

Load - only uniqueness checking is performed and all other constraint checking should be performed after load operation using SET INTEGRITY SQL statement

Import - the keys of each row are inserted into the appropriate index during an import operation

Load - all keys are sorted during a load operation and the indexes are rebuilt when the load phase of the load operation has completed

Import - a backup image cannot be created

Load - a backup image can be created using COPY

Import - Slow when processing large amounts of data

Load - significantly faster

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