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DB2MOVE utility

Posted by jyothsnav 2458 days ago (Editorial)

Its easy to see how the export utility can be used together with the import utility or load utility to copy a table from one database to another, but what if we want to copy several tables or an entire database?

In this case, data can be copied table by table using export/import/load but a more efficient way to copy an entire DB2 database is by using the DB2MOVE utility.

DB2MOVE utility can be run in one of four different modes : EXPORT, IMPORT, LOAD or COPY

EXPORT mode - extract data from one or more tables and externalize into IXF formatted files. It also produces a file named db2move.lst that contains the names of all tables processed, along with the names of the files to which each tables list data was written

IMPORT mode - recreate the table and their associated indexes using information stored in IXF. db2move.lst is used to establish link between IXF needed and the tables into which data is to be imported

LOAD mode - to populate tables that already exist with data stored in IXF formatted files. This mode should never be used to populate an empty database that does not contain table definitions.


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