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Data Modeling

Posted by jyothsnav 2473 days ago (Editorial)

Data modeling is the process of creating a data model by applying formal data model descriptions using data modeling techniques.

Data modeling is a method used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support the business process of an organization. The data requirements are recorded as a conceptual data model with associated data definitions.

Actual implementation of the conceptual model is called a logical data model. To implement one conceptual data model may require multiple logical data models. Data modeling defines not just data elements, but their structures and relationships between them.

Data modeling techiniques and methodologies are used to model data in a standard, consistent, predictable manner in order to manage it as a resource. The use of data modeling standards is strongly recommended for all projects requiring a standard means of defining and analyzing data within an organization, e.g., using data modeling:

  • to manage data as a resource;

  • for the integration of information systems;

  • for designing databases/data warehouses

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