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In many unix flavour operating systems we have top command to monitor cpu utilizations.

In Solaris we have prstat to monitor cpu utilization.

use the below command to get the similar output of top in prstat,

prstat -s cpu -a -n 8


Solaris lsof equivalent script command

Posted by madeeswer 2265 days ago (Editorial)

for PID in `/usr/bin/ps -e -o pid`;do

echo Checking PID $PID...

/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin/pfiles $PID|grep port:


ksh shell keyboard short cuts

Posted by madeeswer 2504 days ago (Editorial)

KSH is one the shell available in many Unix flavors. Ksh is the default shell for Solaris.

below mentioned are few shortcuts available in ksh,


Auto complete ------> [ESC]-

Forward One Character —-> —-> [ESC]-l

Backward One Character —-> [ESC]-h

Delete One Character —-> [ESC]-x

Replace One Cha

Solaris version of netstat does not have the sophistication of telling which process is using the port. This can be achieved using lsof command.

Consider a scenario that we need to identify the process id using port 8080,

lsof |grep 8080

This will list the process id that is using port 8080.

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