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In Rails 2.2 the form_for tag will be used in <% .

But in Rails 3.2 the form_for tag should be used with <%=


Ruby bundler command

Posted by madeeswer 971 days ago (Editorial)

bundler is used to maintain ruby gems for a specific project. to Install: gem install bundler


bundle install command is used to install the gem files for the project. Below mentioned are some of the bundle options

  1. Setting config p

Gem install pg for Mac

Posted by madeeswer 971 days ago (Editorial)

sudo env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" gem install pg -- --with-pg-config=/Library/PostgreSQL/9.3/bin/pg_config

Error: Rails 3.2 could not find a java script run time error.

Solution:  In order to fix this error  in windows install  node-v0.8.1-x86.msi

for Linux install node.js

rails 3 authlogic installation and configuration

Posted by rajesh 2000 days ago (Editorial)

to add authlogic to rails

first install authlogic

gem install authlogic

edit Gemfile in your rails app and add the following line

gem 'authlogic'

Now run 'bundle install'

NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "users_id_seq" for serial column ""
NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "users_pkey" for table "users"

 these are all not error messages. these messages are generated by rails to tell that it has created those things.

The user has not explicitly specified these things so r

Follow the below mentioned steps to migrate an application from rails 2.2 to rails 2.3.

1. Install/Upgrade your rails to rails 2.3.5 and also install/upgrade dependency gem packages.

2. make a copy of your old rails application

3. change name of rails_home/app/controller/application.rb to rails/home/app/controller/application_controller.rb

4. change the rails ve

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