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SQL1035N The database is currently in use

Posted by jyothsnav 2349 days ago (Editorial)

While doing backup or rollforward database, when the user try to connect to the database the following error will be displayed i.e.

SQL1035N The database is currently in use


db2 backup db sample compress (or)

db2 rollforward db sample to <timestamp> stop overflow log path ('file path')

(status could be seen using db2 list utilities show de

ERWIN - Reverse Engineer

Posted by jyothsnav 2351 days ago (Editorial)

To generate an Entity Relationship diagram for any existing database structure, please follow the below steps
Tools-Reverse Engineer
Reverse Engineer-Select Template will be opened with the following options
New Model type Physical  Logical/Physical
Target Database
Database DB2/UDB Version: 8.x/9/x (Next/Cancel)
Reverse Engineer-Set Options
Reverse Engin

Before DB2 clients (applications) connect to a database, you must ensure that the server side communications are setup properly to accept the connection requests.To prepare a server for TCP/IP connections, please set up the listener as follows :

1. Set the DB2 profile registry, DB2COMM, to enable the instance to listen for connections from TCP/IP ie.


WebServer Apache Benchmarking

Posted by raje2009 (#87) 2484 days ago (Editorial)

Apache Benchmarking

Apache Benchmarking is to find the number of request per second and to count the number of requests can be handled by a webserver instance for a website.

ab (apache benchmarking) is a tool which helps to shows how many requests per second can apache instance is capable of serving.

localhost@userid# ./ab.e

Buffer pools

Posted by jyothsnav 2486 days ago (Editorial)

The database buffer pool area is a piece of memory used to cache a table's index and data pages as they are being read from disk to be scanned or modified. The buffer pool area helps to improve db system performance by allowing data to be accessed from memory instead of from disk. Because memory access is much faster than disk access, the less often that DB2 needs to read from or write to a di

Listing, migrating, and updating a DB2 instance

Posted by jyothsnav 2486 days ago (Editorial)

1. To list the instances that exist on a server, use the command


2. Instance migration is required if you decide to move up to a newer version of the DB2 software than is installed on your server, or if an instance is to be migrated from a 32-bit to a 64-bit instance.

On Windows, instance migration is done implicitly during the necessary migrat

SMS and DMS table spaces

Posted by jyothsnav 2487 days ago (Editorial)

Table spaces are used to control where data is physically stored and to provide a layer of indication between db objects and one or more containers in the which the objects actual data resides. A single table space can spam many containers but each container can belong to only one tablespace. 

Two types of table spaces can exist: System managed space (SMS) table spaces and Databas

Creating a DB2 V9 Database

Posted by jyothsnav 2487 days ago (Editorial)

There are two ways to create a database i.e. by using create database wizard or CREATE DATABASE command. We will look the command method in this article:


CREATE [DATABASE | DB ] [DatabaseName]


DatabaseName - Identifies a unique name that is to be assigned to the database once it is created

The only value you must provide when executing thi

What happens when DB2 V9 database is created

Posted by jyothsnav 2487 days ago (Editorial)

Whenever a new DB2 database is created, the following tasks are performed:

1. All directories and subdirectories needed are created in the appropriate location i.e. if no location is information is provided with the create database command, this directory tree is created in the dftdbpath DB2 database Manager configuration parameter. The root directory

redirect top output to the file

Posted by raje2009 (#87) 2504 days ago (Editorial)

Command to redirect the top output to a file.

top -b  -p 12345  -d 10 >> /tmp/stg01_top

We can also redirect multiple pid output to a file in a single line command as below

top -b  -p 12345,6789,9012  -d 10 >> /tmp/stg02_top

-b : Batch mode operation
            Starts to

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