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redirect top output to the file

Posted by raje2009 (#91) 2537 days ago (Editorial)

Command to redirect the top output to a file.

top -b  -p 12345  -d 10 >> /tmp/stg01_top

We can also redirect multiple pid output to a file in a single line command as below

top -b  -p 12345,6789,9012  -d 10 >> /tmp/stg02_top

-b : Batch mode operation
            Starts to

top command in Linux

Posted by raje2009 (#91) 2537 days ago (Editorial)

 top - display Linux tasks/process, cpu utilization, load average and memory utilization.


To check the swap memory occupied by a process or PID through top command.

Enter the top command and enter ShiftO (O is alphabet)  to choose the various field available among the top command


Type p to select the SWAP

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